Ramona Elementary School

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Ramona students socializing during lunch time.
Ramona School appreciates volunteers
Ramona student going over class assignment
Alhambra PD helps protect Ramona School
Ramona School celebrates Chinese New Years
Ramona students strike a photo with Noon Duty Aide
Yoobi representative shows Yoobi supplies to students.
Principal Suttle smiling for the camera.
Ramona Mustang sticker on the glass.
Students receive free Yoobi supplies
Ramona students celebrate Cinco De Mayo
Class of 16 gather to form a
Ramona school receives an award!
Principal Suttle celebrates Cinco De Mayo
Student learning in class.
Ramona Student choosing her meal during lunch time.
Ramona students observing animals during science class
Ramona students get ready to learn
Ramona student entering their numbers for lunch
Alhambra PD thanks Ramona's Noon Duty Aide
Yoobi staff take a photo together during the Yoobi Assembly
Students during the Cinco De Mayo event.
Ramona 8th grade students form a number
Ramona gets awarded by the state.
Student learning in Science class
Former principal Robbins thanks our Noon Duty Aides!
Promoting Recyling to make an Earthly Difference
Students listening to a story during story time.
All smiles during the Ramona assembly.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ramona Elementary School is to ensure the educational success of all students by having a comprehensive educational program where students can learn and become productive members of a diverse society.