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Principal's Message

Principal's Message - Steven Suttle

Ramona School is a learning environment that strives to meet the diverse needs of all of our students. The challenge is to not only meet the academic needs,but also the emotional, physical, and health needs of our students is our mission. In that endeavor, I am proud to say that Ramona is diligently working on that mission with success.


Programs and strategies are in place to meet these goals. The Ramona staff works hard to determine what academic supports are needed for students and then design the appropriate instruction. As a result, I am proud to share that Ramona leads the way in meeting educational goals and achievements for our student as they enter Alhambra High School. Ramona School works closely with Alhambra's Gateway to Success to support the emotional and social needs of Ramona students. A cadre of counselors and programs are available for students and families. Ramona Elementary works to build students with character traits, citizenship, and respect for educational excellence. Ramona has received national recognition recently from the Alliancefor a Healthier Generation for these efforts and was awarded a Silver Award by the Clinton Foundation.


At Ramona School, we are committed to providing the best educational experience for our students. We work hard to ensure that every student learns and is able to achieve to the best of their ability. We are striving for excellence for all our students and set high expectations to have each student reach their maximum potential.